I'm being born and raised in the country of the U.S.A. I live in the state of Michigan with my father. Most of my inspiration comes from the top of my head. I am a new writer and I hope that if people don't like my stories all that much, that you at least don't like it because it is disgusting but you can't stop reading. And if you call me weird, odd, strange, demented, all i have to say to you is. THANK YOU SO MUCH. >:) I like Sci-Fi stories, lots and lots of movies. Favourite movies Avatar Favourite books The enemy series, ready player one Favourite music Heavy metal like Slipknot, Tool, A perfect circle, Drowning pool, Disturbed and many more.

What we've become (Pt. 3)

Pt. 3 of the thrilling trilogie of Tooganie and his men.

Twilight Nightmare (pt.2)

 This is the original edited version so it is less graphic. Not to shoot the mods but COME ON! My middle name is Demonchild, what do they expect? any way i hope that you recoil in disgust and totally hate this peice in a good way. Please comment for any suggestions.

Twilight Nightmare

a tail that goes from cute and peaceful, to dark and horrible.

What we've become (Pt. 2)

The next part of this epic saga of an army on a mission.

What we've become (small portion)

An original story that tells the tale of betrayal and how a small army plans to exact revenge.