Constantine Demos

Costis Demos is my name and as it suggests, i am Greek.I am 29 years of age. Poetry is my major passion and apart from trying to publish my work in paper, I  moved on into publishing poems and pencil scetches on the internet. Since I am currently maintaining a Blog site for my poems , I turned to elfwood , a site that I have been familiar with years ago when it was younger at the very starters before it was a clear-cut project to publish my drawings. I dont seclude my art into fantacy only, but i have a steady inclination towards mythological , Folklore and fantasy themes.  There is a direct collaboration between my poems and my drawings given the fact that i both think in poetic "images" and I often follow the two way road of picture to poetry and poetry to picture. There is also a historical feeling on my work (both poetic and imaging/scetching), but a twisted kind often, as for a "history" that could have been recorded and depicted differently.