Gilgamesh of Uruk

I love writing, and that's what matters here. The reason I love to write, or one of them, is because from my perspective I see the world as boring. Probably because I've watched too much Fantasy, Anime and all of that stuff - I just sometime wish I could be a part of those Sagas. And because all of them had an end, I thought, well if I can't engulf myself in some fantasy, why not try and create it myself?I want to become a serious writer, but it seems that I have a long way to go so, if you have the time please check out my stuff and tell me what needs improving. That would be a lot of help ^^ About me? I'm positive - at least i try to be most of the time. I used to be one of those people who would crave for attention and drama like most people do but with time - I figured if I stay positive, then everything will BE positive if I believe so. And it works - and you should try to be so to, I mean isn't it what everybody wishes for? I like Writing, reading, VNs, gaming Favourite movies TMNT, Teen Titans, LOTR Favourite books The Witcher, Battle Royal

Cage the Hunter

   Hi everyone, I"m new here...decided to upload something I had fun writing. ^^ Please be as harsh as you can with your critic, I don"t mind - its better for me if you"re honest. This is...a shorty story, and not a chapter so only read this if you have the time on your hands. Another thing is, I"m revising this - but that document is out of reach right now and I really wanted to upload something, so I"ll upload the other one next week. Hope you enjoy it. ^^ - Oh, and about the typos, I know there are a lot of them but bare with me please -.-