Gina Baker

I strive to create the world my little muses show me on a regular basis. At times they over load me with ideas, and inspiration to the point I am afraid my head just might burst. Keeping up with their gentle urgings to create keeps me very preoccupied and busy. As I am not an extremely social person, (*large crowds bring out my shyness*) so their control of my time suits me fine. I draw examples from almost every thing around me, and I study ancient history, and its diverse art forms, to glean even more inspirational ideas for my work. The variety of cultures, and their myth,legends, stories, and art provides me with an incredible treasure trove of creativity to draw on. I love bold vibrant colors, and clean lines, and I try to bring that to my work. I look at all my work as sort of Works in Progress. Each piece teaches me something new, and each piece contains a bit more progress in my technique and style. We never stop learning! I like Art, Nature, Ancient History and to much more to write about. Favourite movies Way to Many to Mention Favourite books Way to Many to Mention Favourite music Almost all music is cool with me, except acid metal.