I would like to say that I am funny and a hoot to be around, but the most i can come up with is dry humer and sarcasm! Sometimes life sucks so bad, it makes a black hole jealous!For those of you who feel I have abandoned you, it was, is, and forever will be far from intentional. Unfortunately, I have so many people I contact, or at the least try to contact (new persons included) I get swallowed up in the sea of commenting and you might fall by the wayside. If this has happened to you, please feel free to contact me and I will return your call as soon as my next log in if I can! Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding this matter!!!!! I like I enjoy karaoke, painting miniatures, playing D&D as well as Spycraft, 40K, Fantasy, writing, and drawing. Unfortunately, i dont have as much time for all of them. Favourite movies Dont really care for watching much TV. I dont find a need to subject myself to paid advertising. movies on the other hand...Aliens would have to be my all time fav sci-fi! Lord of the rings for fantasy! Favourite books I like the Drizzit novels, but have been dissapointed with the more recent ones. Favourite music Heavy metal! Cant help it to say that I like all the big hair eighties bands! Go Queensryche, Dokken, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, and Stonesour! (just to name a few!