glen wallace

i have always drawn from my imagination, for as long as i can remember and as i grew up it has never left me. i have always wanted to be an illustrator in later in life, though i also wished to try as many things as posibal, this has taken me to many countrys and alowed me to try a lot of jobs. i started with sports and leasure, then moved into a military life with the royal marines and french foriegn legion, working in hotels and back packing, has all given me the kind of adventure, i like to put into my paintings.moveing to denmark was a big step and i have continued to illustrate, though i am ofter asked to do portraits and the occasional graphics job, aswell as haveing as many exhibitions as posibal. later i wish to open a small gallery in denmark, where i can do and sell a kinds of artwork. I like is Running, swimming, outdoor Activities, reading and travel Favourite movies Alien and space 1999 Favourite books Lord of the rings and Red Dwarf Favourite music all, rolling stones, vangelis and sam cooke