Krista Williams

Well, I'm a secre......secret.....uh......liker of uh......paper?  Ahem.  I certainly know nothing about any secrets.  Yep.  That's right.  No, seriously. I like I am a nerd, and like nerdy things such as: secret agents, Taekwondo, video games, etc. Oh, but I like to Irish Dance, and that pretty much ROCKS. Favourite movies STAR WARS! (I'm rather obsessed), Harry Potter, LOTR, Hook, superhero movies, Enchanted!, Disney movies, Lady in the Water, Signs, Howl's Moving Castle, The Village, Stardust, etc. Favourite books The Chronicles of Narnia! The Harry Potter series, the Bartimaeus series, Trench Coats and Love Notes, and other coolness. NOT Twilight...that was the dumbest book I've ever read. Favourite music I live in my own little musical. I like Movie themes the best...but really, I'll listen to anything that isn't ugly screaming-type music, emo, or rap.

Another Random Tidbit...

  Alrighty.  I best be giving a background story on this one.  This is a story written from the characters of Trench Coats and Love Notes by Gloria 'the Bug' Bowden, who has given me permission to post my random stories.  This particular tale came at the end of an email I wrote not long ago, forgot about, and found while cleaning files out.  I had been looking at wedding dresses online, something random I really like to do from time to time, and found a great website.  I sent it to Gloria-la and others, describing how beautiful the dresses were.  I ended with the words "They're gorgeous!" and, of course, was reminded of Swell Well, one of the characters and pretty soon I found myself writing this little tidbit.  Then my train of thought chugged on to Swellisto: the Swell Well/Callisto possibility, which really doesn't like and Callisto, Rubix and I think sounds funny, quirky, and all around awesome.  The dialog used here in the flashback isn't part of the story.  It was something random that came out of my blonde brain.  If you haven't read Trench Coats and Love Notes, I really feel bad for you, you really shouldn't read this for there are a couple of spoiler-ish moments (besides, you wouldn't get what was going on, a normal thing for people like me anyway), and you should check it out here:'s part I)I got tired of typing full names, so I abbreviate most of the time with SW for Swell Well, Slip for Glass Slipper, Ru for Rubix, Hut for Cardboard Hut, Cal for Callisto, and Ch for Chainlink.  And I should mention that the Let Me Be Your Wings lyrics are from a song with the same title from Thumbelina.  Enjoy, friends!

The Extremely too Long Story of Code Name Fun

Just a warning, this story is plotless. It was my second attempt at writing. It basically is a bunch of random scenes and lines that I had swarming in my head fused together into a random code name story...thing. The characters and such come from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes. Check it out! Indeed, I do have her permission to post. This story was going to have the plot: the coolest team of secret agents ever (you better be thinking of BLT...or else!) get code names! Maybe you can still see that happening. And I just realized that it doesn't really end. Anyway, have fun! Oh! And believe it or not, I have permission to post from the infamous Hut, namely Glo 'the Bug' Bowden herself!

Operation Meowser-wowser

Alright. Another random story! This one came from a combination of little sleep, too many credit hours, and putting the finishing touches on a report about the Stud himself, Ludwig van Beethoven. I was falling asleep and needed something to distract me until my next class. Voila! Another random outburst of blonde humor. Enjoy! Oh! And I have the permission of Hut herself to post this, as these characters come from her AMAZING beyond amazing story-turned-novel-in-the-making, Trench Coats and Love Notes. You can find it here: Oooo! Don't read this unless you've read to part...13 or so. Otherwise you might get a spoiler...which are not good. I don't care what anyone says. Spoilers stink.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Yet again, more randomness is poured upon my page. This was a result of having a lovely rendition of a song that this infamous poem is set to stuck in my head. Suddenly, I pictured Swell Well (from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes walking around at Christmastime with a big, red bow around his neck, and possibly some mistletoe handy. The characters are from the story, and I have her permission to post this. Madison 'Callisto' VanDenBerghe gave some editing suggestions, which were excellent. The original poem was written by Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863). Enjoy! Spoiler WARNING: If you've not yet read TCLN for yourself, this contains spoilers. Don't do it!!! Go and read the story first!!! )


Alrighty. So...if you've read Trench Coats and Love Notes up to Part XIII (if you haven't, it's amazing and definitely worth your time. So go read it! It's written by Glo 'The Bug' Bowden AKA Hut, and it's AMAZING!!! Besides, you probably won't get a fraction of the jokes used in this story if you haven't. I have her permission to post this.), you know that Groban and Blueshirt have been known to wind-surf in the simulator like mad people. Hut and I were talking on the train one day about it, and I decided to write yet another story based on the coolest team of secret agents ever (you better be thinking of BLT...). Yes, I'm becoming obsessed. Enjoy!

TCLN Haiku

Sometimes when my dear friend Cardboard Hut (AKA Glo 'The Bug' Bowden, whose permission I have to post) is writing, she is in need of inspiration. That's when I write random poetry. Lately it has come in the form of Haiku. Enjoy! OH! DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ UP TO PART XII IN HUT'S STORY!!! Otherwise I would feel a great pang of guilt and not be able to forgive myself for not sufficiently warning you!!!


Aren't BLTs just plain delicious? Why of course! And isn't the secret agent team known as BLT absolutely awesome? Indeedifyingly! You probably won't get this short and sweet story if you've not read Trench Coats and Love Notes by Glo 'the Bug' Bowden found here (yes, I have her permission to post.): I should explain the fantasy that is not really found in this story (aside from Thunder). The characters are all from Hut's story, which is indeed fantasyesque. Oh. and I should probably explain Bacletto. You may have come by the See Dark Horse Run scrapbook cover on Hut's page. In that scrapbook was a picture of this face that Ru, Hut, and I made one day when picnic-ing with BLTs. The face was made guessed it...bread, lettuce, bacon, and tomato. We named it Bacletto and made him our team mascot. In this story, the agent we all know as Featherlite says, 'Pas je,' which means 'Not I' in French. Well, here's the mildly entertaining tale of sweet, savory bacon, fresh lettuce, newly picked tomato, and tasty toasted bread...

How to Get and Arch-Nemesis: a Secret Agent's Tale

Indeed, this story is a sort of spin-off...kind of...thing...from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's (I have her permission, yea, even the permission of Cardboard Hut herself, to post this) Trench Coats and Love Notes. Check it out here: This is the tale of Glass Slipper when she has her first encounter with the all-too-cooky (not to mention tacky) Russian inventor, Silver Spoon. I should mention that I have nothing against Russians, by the way. Just thought I'd clarify. This is the first story that I've really ever written, but don’t feel that you must go easy on me. Let me have it with the comments! Have a joyous time.

Something’s Rotten in Siberia…: The Story of Silver Spoon

Indeed, another story (this one's not as goofy) by Glass Slipper, AKA me. If you don't know who Glass Slipper is, you should read Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes. Yes, I have her permission to post. Well, this is the story of Spoon and how he became his cooky self. Oh yes, and we can't forget Olga, can we? His sweet, accident prone little Persian is but a kitten here. Awww! I should mention again that I have absolutely nothing against Russians. Yes, I have permission to post. Enjoy!