Gerwin Broers

Welcome to my regions of this forest. About me: My name is Gerwin. I live in the Netherlands and was born there in 1979. I work as an engineer now, but have also done graphical school in Amsterdam for 2/3 years. I guess I am interested in many things: drawing, reading, computerstuff, graphics design, alternative music, engineering, SF, fantasy, war... In earlier years I sketched quite a lot, now not very often, hardly ever actually. I will keep this gallery available though, it does no harm ;) About the Pictures:  Elfwood kinda motivated me to draw series of fantasy pictures. The first ones were made summer 2000. None of the drawings are inked, just plain pencil. They should be displayed in their original size. I multiplied the original scans on a parchment image in photoshop to get a more ancient look. The succubus was colored with a program called deep paint, you can try it if you like, since it is free of charge: do a internet search for "deep paint free" And some links to my favorite parts of this forest... My friend Dana from Colorado Springs. update; I haven't emailed her for ages, but I 'll leave the link for old friends sake. More dutch elfwood artists! - a list - by Coen de Moor and Eline Spek.