Hey, my name is Joe, and I work in a Chocolate Factory (sorry, that's all I know, if you know the rest of the song, please email me). Well, my name is Joe, that is what I like to be called, anyway. I live in Nova Scotia, I go to Horton District High School. I took my first art course from September '04 - January '05, and am currently working on a career teaching art (I love you Mr. Syme, you're my idol!!!). I want to shout out to all my friends: 'You're all so awesome!'. Okay, shout-out over. I sing and play the trumpet. I also do the occaisional musical or play from time to time. I like to party hang out with my friends. I also like to sleep (doesn't everybody?) I have several friends and family on Elfwood, check out: Cristina Gnemmi (my sister) Colleen Sweeney (my cousin) Rebekah Kathleen Wheadon (my friend) I'm looking for critiquing and things I can improve on, so shout out and let me know! Let's see those comments! And no, I don't work really work in a Chocolate Factory. I wish I did, though. * Update: The town where I live just got a chocolate factory a week ago! I'm excited. The update includes 6 new pics (old ones, really, from Art Class last semester). I eagerly await comments.