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Its not an actual manga, but one of my novels out of which i took out an action and transformed it into a manga page :). I didn't know how to draw my chars so i got this ideea :D and it sure shows their relationship, though i have to admit that the angel is not that violent, actualy she is, but only when that demon guy makes HUGE mistakes which could lead to the distruction of creation as we know it :D. The reediting was a pain in the neck i did at midnight so i kinda blew it with it. So what do you guys say of this picture, or multitude of pictures? I think this is how i wanted my picture to come out :) so, am i good for a mangaka or not? ;)  read left to right (like in the korean ones) the bubble text are some random things i thought of, i wrote here a reedited one without mistakes i hope :S: first bubble: so basically it was all hack and slash like that and before i knew it he was already dead and pretty much cut up in pieces. He was quite the weakling you know? >.: wha? is he really the most fearsome demon alive? -third bubble->: Knock it off! You really make me sick when i see you all light and pure! For heaven's sake you're a Demon King!  -forth bubble->: ok, so? You killed him without knowing anything about him, right? -fifth bubble->: basically yes... Did i do something bad?  -sixth bubble-> or are you just happy because i eliminated a competition over you? -seventh bubble-> "what the?" -eight bubble->: "this guy..." -ninth bubble->: Don't worry i'll make sure he'll never see you ag... -tenth bubble-> Could you stop your stupid nonsense for one second and think about the fact  that you just sent Satan's son to the borders of Hell? -eleventh bubble->is that a bad thing? -twelvth bubble-> tehnicaly yes. You'll get a pay deduction from Satan -.-  -thirtheenth bubble-> so its a bad thing... then how can i make up for it? -fortheenth bubble-> you could send him a present fit for a demon, like a girl sacrifice or something... -fiftheenth bubble-> Hm...i could send you to him, but i don't think Satan will be pleased with a flat chested grumpy and more demonic than him angel. :) -sixteenth bubble-> You really have a death wish dont'cha?! -las bubble-> sometimes i wonder if she really is an angel or a demon in angel's cloths... or you guys could think up another story for the bubbles :D

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