Victoria Potter - 12 years old

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Elizabeth M. Burns

'Victoria stared at her reflection unhappily as she struggled with her hair ribbon. No matter what she did, her hair always fell out again a few moments later. Exasperated, she called out to her brother. 'Harry...' He walked quietly into the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at her outfit. 'Can you tie back my hair for me?' she asked pleadingly. 'Alright.' He agreed and took the ribbon from her fingers. As he pulled her hair into a half-ponytail she scrutinised her reflection, disliking it with every passing second. Aunt Petunia had forced into the outfit while telling her that all good little girls wore dresses, held their tongue, ate little, 'helped' with serving and all the other thousand and one rules about little girls and etiquette that she needed to know. But the outfit was too much. She was wearing a black velvet dress with puff sleeves, white lace on the hem and a white ribbon around her waist which has cost her five minutes while she tied it in a bow at the back. 'I feel like such a tool.' She moaned as Harry smoothed out the little curl that refused to cooperate. 'Well you look like maid.' He replied edgily before stepping back and surveying his work. The ribbon now sat neatly at the back of her head with no loose strands falling over her face, except for her fringe that is. 'Thanks.' She replied, half grateful for the help, half offended by the insult. 'That's alright. Cheer up, at least you don't have to spend the evening pretending you don't exist.' He complained. 'I'd prefer that than this. You try wearing a starched dress with scratchy lace while handing around tea and biscuits.' She snapped back, rubbing her sleeves. The doorbell rang, cutting into her sentence, and fake cheerful greetings filled the air amidst smooching sounds. 'They're heeeere...' Victoria whispered eerily.' Exert from 'Before 6th Year and Extra Scenes' and based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yes, this is my OC again... she pops up here often, doesn't she?

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