Yoni Danziger

Hi all! My name is Yoni Danziger a.k.a. Goni, I'm 30 years old from Israel.I've known EW since 2002 and opened my profile in 2006.In order to know more about me & my art, you are more then welcome to visit my site, www.goni.co.ilAside from being an artist I'm also a web designer,check out my website: www.qpcreations.com I grew up in England in a small place not too far from London and when i was 3 years old my mother lost me in the woods near our home. When she found me (30 min' later) i told her that I was hunting Goblins... at least that's what she told me when i got older.Fantasy is my one true love!!!I've been an artist since i was 19 years old and a graphic-web designer since i was 23. In my art i use mostly my manual technique which i refer to as 'Scratch', sometimes i use PS and from time to time i mix the two together.Now, since a few of my fellow artists in EW have asked me to, here is my scratching technique description:Materials: Paper, 180gr', size A4two types of ink: 'Ecoline' (has more water in it) & 'Pelikan' (has less water in it)1 fountain pen and many kinds of different tips (depends on your needs)12 kinds of carving tools (all of them are used for soft wood & linoleum)step one: I draw a picture. My style is to draw it with lines, lots & lots of lines (yep... there's a strong possibility that i'm insane :D)step two: Color the picture with the 'Ecoline' inkstep three: Color the picture again with the 'Pelikan' inkstep four: Scratching / Carving the paperFrom time to time I use PS in order to fix some mistakes or to place some light into the picture. I do that beacuse my scratching technique has a few limits. The first limitation is the color. After the scratching / carving takes place, all the colors become very bright so i have to change (while coloring) the entire scale of colors. For example, normally you use pink, yellow or brown for skin color. In my technique the pink should become dark-red, the yellow should become sepia and the brown should be mixed with black. The other limitation is even more severe. Once you scratched / carved the paper, there is no turning back! you can't use the ink anymore beacuse the colors have already changed their tone and became brighter, so pay attention during the coloring process!With the Scratching technique it takes me between 3 days to 2 weeks to finish a painting. It depends mostly on how many details are there and how small they are.As for my PS paintings...well, there is nothing special about them except maybe the fact that I use the mouse, beacuse for some weird reason I can't seem to handle a digital pen. I also advice to check out two of my best friends profiles: Nadav Hauptman & Adiel Ben Ari ENJOY!!!