The Eyes of the Gods of Magic

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Matthew Gonzales

An Illustration based on the Dragonlance Series of novels by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, showing the three moons of Krynn, the residing places of the gods of magic. The White moon is Solinari, the god of good magic, and that which benefits others. It is the largest and farthest of the three from the planet of Krynn. It completes its phase cycle in 36 days. The Red moon represents Lunitari, goddess of neutral magic. That which is not evil, but does not adhere to strict morals. She also represents the mysterious aspect of magic. The moon is second closest to the planet, and the middle of the three in size. It completes its phase cycle in 28 days. The black moon is Nuitari, god of evil, chaotic, and destructive magic. This is the smallest moon and also closest to the planet though in the Dragonlance setting, no one can see Nuitari unless they are of the black-robed order of the mages of high sorcery. To others it appears merely as a void in the stars, unless it is crossing in front of one of the other moons. So I suppose one is seeing my image through the eyes of a black robed mage, lol. In Krynn, the Mages of High Sorcery each draw their power from one of these moons, determined by their alignment. The colours of the orders correspond to their moons, white robes for Solinari, red robes for Lunitari, and black robes for Nuitari. The strength of their abilities, and the number of spells they can memorize per day depend on the current phase of their respective moon. Abilities increase through the waxing phases to their peak at High Sanction (full moon) and decrease to their weakest at Low Sanction (new moon). As much as I shouldn't go into science in a fantasy world, it is interesting to note that Krynn's atmosphere as documented in the books extends at least to Lunitari. (and I'm guessing probably to Solinari as well, but this isn't documented) This is evidenced by gnomish flying machines having visited it in past ages. Tasslehoff even has a red rock from the moon passed down to him from his Uncle Trapspringer (Trapspringer being a Kender "hero" to whom every Kender will claim some sort of family tie.) The initial moon photo used for the manipulation is a stock photo from the DeviantArt stock provider, cplcrud

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