Matthew Gonzales

Hello, and welcome to my humble abode....... I'm an 19 year old  who enjoys drawing characters and scenes from games, and sometimes just things that pop into my crazy little head. I am basically just spending my time trying to live through College to someday fulfill one of my dreams of playing bass in a symphonic metal band, or illustrating for Wizards of the Coast (If ever I could find out how the heck you get to do that) ya, my dreams are rather far-fetched, but you never know.  Be sure to visit my friend Sierra Grillot's fan art gallery! NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: For those viewers of this page who are not artists and or not familiar with the rules of Elfwood, there has been a recent change to the rules which places all characters from video games in this area of Elfwood, no matter whether they are original characters or not, therefore most of the fantasy genre and D&D characters in here ARE my own original concept, but these are the versions of them after I transferred them to their respective video game and ran around with them. It's confusing, but it's the rule. I like Fantasy, Art, FPSs, RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons, Drag, Music Favourite movies Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teen Titans, Jurassic Park, Dracula, The Hobbit Favourite books Legend of Drizzt series, Sabriel, Dragonlance Chronicles Favourite music Nightwish, Tarja Turunen, Within Temptation, Rhea's Obsession, Evanescence, She Wants Revenge, Voltaire, Dresden Dolls, Danzig, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, The Vines, The Pixies, Nirvana, The Pogues, Off Kilter, Deanta, Enya, Altan, Michelle Branch, AFI, Against Me, The Donnas, The Ramones, The Clash, The Toadies, The B-52s, The Bangles, Husker Du, Hazard County Girls, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Beatles, Rob Zombie, Creed, Nickelback, Abba, Celtic Woman