Mike Reese

Hey everyone! Finally an Elfwood page! My name is Mike and I'm 15 years old. My stories have a habit of not letting me finish them so don't get upset if the end isn't here. It'll get here eventually (when i get off my butt and write it!)So look around and leave some good comments for me. I always like to get better :)My stories are mostly high fantasy but I'm moving toward modern Sci-fi. On another note I'd like to thank my girlfriend for the great quotes she's given me. I TAKE PLOT SUGGESTIONS..... I realize I don't upload a lot and thats due to long writer's block. So if you have any plot suggestions for any stories already here or for a whole new story contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Through Death's Doorway

Three boys are selected from their school of magic to stop an invasion of demons before it starts. This is kind of an ongoing amusment for me!

The Road to Elagar

A struggling writer is sucked into the fantasy world he created. In this world he must stop the Necromancer from destroying the real world. Part 1 of god knows how many.