Step Five: The Sun

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Maggie Gosselar

I'm illustrating a childrens book based on an old fable i heard a couple years ago, i think it's called the miner. If you havent heard of it, then it's probably known under some better title. Here's the story as i know it (condensed): There was once a Miner who was a malcontent and always wished to be more (he was very greedy). One day while he was looking out of his mine, he saw a MERCHANT, and wished to be him. POOF! suddenly he was! he charged outrageous prices and abused his power until a kind noble came and scolded him. the miner wished to be a NOBLE and POOF! he was sitting on a lounge in a manor. He raised the taxes and was very cruel. the Emperor repremanded him, which caused the miner to be jealous and wish to be an EMPEROR, when POOF! there he was, sitting in the halls of a palace. He ruled with an iron fist and did cruel unjustices to his people, until he noticed that he could not control the crops. So the miner wished to be the SUN, and POOF! he reigned fire and caused drought for many months. But soon he was annoyed, because often clouds would block his power... so he wished to be the CLOUDS. POOF! he rained heavily for months and flooded the nation, but was unable to control where he was pushed. bothered, he wished to be the WIND and POOF! hurricanes and tornadoes ripped through the land until he came to a mountain, which he could not move. Angry, he wished to become this powerful MOUNTAIN and POOF! there he sat, solid as stone as we watched the worl go by, sometimes loosing avalanches on the people below. Then he noticed something... he was being eaten away from the inside out. What could possibly be more powerful than a mountain? he wondered. So he wished to be this ... thing that held power over him, and POOF! he was a MINER again.

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