Visit MePlease take the time to visit my Home Page as there is a lot more artwork there, including landscapes, floral, still life, and any number of other things. Obligitory stuff about me: Yes, that is a picture of me. I'm 35. A mom, and an author. I don't draw as much as I use to because I am busy expanding my writing career. TO THOSE WHO WANT TO USE MY ART this is COPYWRITED material. Do NOT under any circumstances use any of it without asking me first. Terms of use are 1. copywrite notice must be posted, as well as information on contacting me, the artist, and 2. a price that will be determined after type of use is fully known. I do make a few exceptions, and you are welcome to ask, but do not expect to use my artwork on your website for free. I've learned from experience the folly in this. I do commissions, thus I can not take requests for free drawings. I don't have the time for it. Sorry. I like art, painting, digital, DA, pern, xanth, reading, Favourite movies LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Labrynth, Armagedon, Fith Element, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy advent children, Pans Labrynth, Stardust Favourite books Prophecy, destiny, rhapsody, Pern, Xanth, Dragon Lance Favourite music corrs