Grace Harrison

 Hello! Like everyone here, I'm totally mad about Fantasy, Totally mad about Sci-Fi, Totally mad about drawing, and , um.... Just totally mad basically  :3 if you want to categorize me I am a geek (I study three sciences and art, get a fair few stunned looks for that (physics! Art consumes my life :) I started some chemistry homework the other day, if wound up looking oddly like a goblin woman. Weird how that happens.Aaannnyways I shall cease my ramblings...hope you like my gallery! x I like Drawing...what else? Also, reading, playing, piano/singing, winding up my friends, being wound up by my boyfriend. Being a science geek (And an artist? Hell yeah, just try and stop me when I get excited about wave theories and quantum phenomena) Favourite movies Doctor Who, Merlin (Not just cos the actors are hot... honestly *coughs*), Torchwood, Heroes... All that Jazz. Being Human :) Favourite books Artemis Fowl, Chaos Code, Ingo, Percy Jackson, Keys to the Kingdom series, Wolf Brother Series. I also have a fondness for Greek mythology, but I haven't read any of the Greek classics yet... basically, everything I read. Which is a lot. Oh, Inkheart! Just ignore the film (where DID that unicorn get in from?) Favourite music Well my Spotify account is currently a bizarre mixture of Breaking Benjamin, Regina Spektor, MCR, Disney, Snowpatrol, Eva Cassidy, Keane... MUSE!! Oooh yes :)