Stephanie Hasiak

hey I'm Steph. I really like to do fantasy art because you can choose whatever you want and create your own characters. I want to start writing this novel that i dreamed up a while ago (literally) called "The Venus Siren". Ha I'm probably the only one who would enjoy it but, you know meh. Maybe one day I'll create a picture good enough to show the main character, but whatever.Hope you enjoy my drawings as much as i enjoyed making them:) Update! I now have lots of Prismacolor pencils and hopefully i can get some new pics up!Please comment if you visit!! thanx muchly!!Update! Out with the old and in with the new from over the summer!Update! cleaning up a bit, and uploading a bucketload of new stuff. Hopefully this will actually show I'm not a complete failure:P I like Video Games, Reading, Listening to Music, Drawing (of course), Being stupid with my friends:P, contemplating life, daydreaming, TV and movies, the pursuit of true love, being myself despite disaproving looks. Favourite movies Invader Zim Harry Potter Pirates of the Caribean The Road to Eldorado Ghost Whisperer Pushing Daisies Tripping the Rift National Treasure Treasure Planet What Dreams May Come Tomb Raider The Time Machine Favourite books Ella Enchanted Zell The RagWitch The Phantom of the Opera Favourite music A little bit of everything, even rap and hip hop, though only few from those categories.