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Only a few ever raised their eyes to the manor, yet for those who did, the passive, slightly saddened face of a young girl was a common sight. She was always in the bay, reading, embroidering or, most often, gazing out upon the townsfolk at their daily business with the faintest beginnings of tears glimmering in her eyes, the same dark, bluish-green shade as the sea, her raven-black hair elegantly confined within any of a number of fashionable headdresses... Yet it seemed so strange to them that they, ordinary farmers and craftsmen who toiled endlessly for a mere pittance with which to sustain themselves, could know happiness, when such a fair young girl, with her books, elegant dresses and the umpteen pleasures of a lady’s life, was almost never seen to smile. Had they known the truth behind the beauty of her features and the finery of her clothes, perhaps they might have understood... argh. i did the drawing itself in a couple of weeks (on and off, don't worry ;)), the colouring took me a couple of days. eurgh. most complex thing i've done on the comp, by far... but i am VERY pleased with it :D she's a mite skinny, i know, but oh well... based on the scene quoted above, from the histfic/fantasy i'm writing (at wyvern's). in the book itself, the sky was meant to be gloomy and cloudy, but i like the pic better this way. i'm a fan of soft sunny daylight. so sue me ;) pencil sketch, coloured in photoshop elements, with a lot of time and patience. gyeeeuurgh.

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an introduction to my novel, written mostly last september and finished off earlier this year. hmm. i'm not too fond of this, but it's all i've got for the moment, and i always have massive problems with introductions anyway. the setting is a bit odd; the world is our own, the time is the very late 14th century, yet the island of raegovanda is entirely fictional. might be a bit hard to follow; see what you can work out...

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 10)

the last bit of the first book, very different to the rest of it. the character featured here was one of my more successful characters from collaborative writing, so i decided to have him put in a cameo here. whether or not he will become a more important figure remains to be decided, but i really enjoy writing him. am very pleased with this, short as it is.

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 8)

i finally got around to finishing this off! yay! although dialogue isn't too commonplace in my style of writing, i can't remember the last time i wrote something with so much thinking in it. back at the naencorran firiemh base, sianrel is lost, as ever, in his own thoughts - the quest both daunts and annoys him, particularly as he feels (quite rightly) that the ravenspeed has no faith in men so young. he struggles to make sense of what is happening, and, as you might expect, his fellow soldiers hardly make it easy for him...

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 7)

*dons pythonesque voice* 'and now, for something completely different...' *clears throat* i wanted to vary the perspectives a little bit, hence this rather short chapter. apart from wanting to break up all the back-and-forth morgan and sianrel narrative that probably drags after a while, i thought it would be interesting to have a look at the opinion taken by 'the dark side', so to speak. makes for something rather different, i think you'll agree. the narrator here, paron isvar (note that 'paron' means 'father' in mekuhvan), just like all other mekuhvans and members of the raethgeva, believes that all spelaethians are horrendously evil, while he himself is a force of good - a complete reversal of what the spelaethians think, of course. so i tried to make him seem more like a man who thought he was doing the right thing than someone who is downright evil. of course, the fact that his dear friend fièlgevan is naturally a nasty piece of work doesn't help. but then again, in every situation you'll always get a few nasty people, no matter who they're fighting for... here we go, then. mind the accented e's. they like their accented e's in mekuhva, believe you me...

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