E. Greene

I'm a high-schooler with a severely overactive imagination. My mother, a great reader herself, has fed me a steady diet of fantasy and sci-fi since I was old enough to talk, and it seems to have rubbed off on me. So far, I've found two ways to get rid of all the creations running loose in my head: babbling at my friends, and writing. The first option tended to drive away friends, and when I discovered that some people actually get paid for the second - well, that basically clinched it. My dream is to someday become a published author. I have no interest in being rich and famous - no, that's a lie. I'd love to be rich and famous. But I'd settle for decent royalty checks. My main interest, really, is to share my dreams with other people. (I know, that's what they all say, but I mean it. Honest.)


The Dragon and the Knight

This is a drabble - a fiction piece of exactly one hundred words. I'm trying to practice conciseness, since I tend to get overly descriptive. Now, imagine what happens to the poor knights who wear full plate armor....

Some Things Change

In a world filled with magic, nothing is guaranteed to stay the same. The title of this little one-shot - and the story itself - is something of a alternate ending of a set of short stories I scrapped a few years ago. One of the constants of their relationship is that Nanashi will ALWAYS take care of Sennin. Naturally, a perverse little corner of my mind spoke up and asked, 'What if that changed?'

No Possible Threat

I tried to make this as short as 'The Dragon and the Knight', but I couldn't cut it down quite that far and still keep the important story elements intact. You know what they say about assumptions....

That Which Is Different

Rhian is the most detailed, complex, thought-out fantasy world that I have stories set in. It has a long, complicated, and often bloody history. This particular story, set about midway through the Chaos Era (a rather early one when you take the entire timeline into account), is about a seemingly harmless event that could be considered foreshadowing for one of the darkest periods in that history.

Memories of Home

I'm not sure where this came from, but it spawned a small series of short stories about this family that I collectively refer to as the Mir series.

It Followed Me Home... Can I Keep It?

This little story occurred to me on a rather boring plane trip, when I was wondering how my VERY down-to-earth uncle would react to seeing a griffon. That amusing bit of speculation turned into this short story. And yes, I know griffon is the wrong spelling. But I like it spelled this way.

Tales of Unicorns

Another drabble. The unicorn-dragon conflict is born from certain elements of Christian symbology, though I twisted it a bit.


This is written about one of my characters at Telenia, my RPG, and mentions several other characters there (all mine). However, I think it can be read without knowing anything about Telenia; the important bits are explained in the text. The only real value in being a Telenian when you read this is if you want to play 'guess-the-character', since I don't mention names.

Akin to a Rose

This fic is written with two characters from an RPG I play. Their background has been changed enough that it's no longer set within the game, though of course it resembles it a bit. All directly mentioned characters are also mine; if you know the game, you can assume those indirectly mentioned are the ones from the game or not. I just don't want to worry about any kind of copyright tangles.


Another story in the Mir series. This is an event briefly referenced in 'Memories of Home', one that I felt compelled to explore in more detail. It also goes into a BIT more detail about how Adept magic works, though that's not the plot. Some of love's risks are greater than mere heartbreak. But when it's your family, it's worth it.

Once Again

This is about one of my characters at Telenia, my RPG. You shouldn't need to be a Telenian to understand the gist of it, though it may be a bit confusing if you don't know the full storyline. It may help to mention that this is the cat mentioned in 'Truths'....

Dragon Dreams

This is something of a departure from my usual style, and I've allowed myself to indulge in far more descriptive language than I usually leave in final drafts. This was originally a whole lot of description with some story tacked on so I could stretch it out longer, and the plot is still not spectacular. But it fulfills the goals I had for it, let me play with some notions that I found interesting, and in the long run I'm rather pleased with the result.

Just Another Job

In one of my RPGs, the owner challenged us to write a short story or post setting one of our characters in a completely different world. This was my response. In the RPG, Endriago was honorable, arrogant, stubborn, duty-bound, and a proponent of justice and fairness. I wanted to see how much I could change him without turning him into someone else entirely. Drake is, in essence, Endriago's personality, but with different values imposed on him by an entirely different upbringing.


I have no idea where this story came from - it's not really my usual style. I have the suspicion my evil leopard-Muse was the main source - it has her pawmarks all over it.