jessie moore

  I'm the biggest day dreamer I know,  I rarely venture into reality at all these days lol,  I do have a creative streak and spend alot of time painting drawing.  I have always loved to draw &  I'm always expreimenting with new mediums. I have been fortunate enough to sell lots my artwork in the last few years mainly commissioned pieces but If you like my style please get in contact, my email address is most or check out my account on ebay where I upload work regulary my account is under the name greenjest1Thanks for your time and for your interest in my art x  I like Anything the helps me to escape reality, painting, drawing, writing or drinking with giants (as I'm fairly short and all my friends are mighty lol) all make me a merry jest : D Favourite movies red dwarf, lord of the rings, Ninth gate, matrix, conan, etc Favourite books just finished reading the magic cottage by James Herbert which was a pretty good read : ) Favourite music enya, within temptation, lucuna coil, sheryl crow, pantera, queen, the police to name a few.