Anthony Green

Finally Uploaded! Hello, and welcome to the fan art gallery Born in the fall of '72 I've constantly been drawing and refining the abuse I have heaped upon pencils and pens until it's not so much abuse but rather enjoyment. Spent a short stint learning some commercial art and ended up working as an editor. Most recently I've been doing support for an ISP and just getting back into my art grove. Favoured mediums: Pencil and pen. I've been slowly fooling around with photoshop, but I've always been fond of the old school. Also will be working with coloured inks and some ink washes .Comments and critiques are welcome, a person can't improve without some feedback. Obviously you will tell I have a love of the superheroes and all that comes with. Bright primary colours and an appreciation for bold design, having read comics since being wee (my first book I read was Batman versus 'Dr. Phosphorous, so of course comics are near and dear to my heart. Currently I'm on a DC comics kick and you'll see a bunch coming down the pipe like the rest of the traditional JLA (the big guns) added to the mix. Marvel should show up and eventually some Star Wars characters as well. Now the nitty and the gritty Art trades! E-mail me (see the link up there)It's fun to play in another person's sandbox now and then. I also want to get into requests and have fun drawing something that I may not have thought of. Drop a line and hopefully I'll update it faster than I have my regular Loth gallery ZING! Once again for each of my pictures that reaches the magic number 30,I will do a request for that person (unless they leave their name as annoymous with no E-mail link).Also I have some Tours that may interest you: Twisted Fairy Tales - Humour in the Woods Twisted Fairy Tales 2 - The sequel Shadows Walking - Ghosts in the Woods Anyway, enough about me and enjoy my gallery and check out these others: Zachariah Campbell (Transformers fan)Maerianne Morrison (Photorealistic art)Scott Mac Iver (Comic and 80's pop culture person) Gloria H Manderfeld (Star Wars art!) Luke McKay (Canadian with a wicked style and love the subject matter) New stuff: Gurgle, the Murloc.