Hi there! I'm Marre, 21, from Sweden. I love to draw when insipration strikes me. I don't do much fan art, but sometimes I have the urge to do so. So you won't find very much in this gallery. But indead feel free to comment, I think it's exciting to read other people's thoughts about my art. And when it comes to fan art it's very interesting, 'cause people always has their own idea of characters, and they feel very strong about them when it's some character they like. And btw, constructive critics are very welcome! As you can see, this gallery isn't very mixed, there's some HP fan art and a few x-men pics. But do not let that deceive you! ThatĀ isn't all I read or watch... There's much more, but it hasn't come down on paper yet. And mostly I spend my drawing time on pics that has something to do with Tolkien (very much elves... ^^) or my urban fantasy comic that I'm working on (when I have time and inspiration). So if you like my art (well, if you dislike my art you probably don't want to, but I won't stop you if you do), please visit my fantasy gallery here in the woods! BTW... If you'd like to put any of my pics in a tour, please ask first. The risk of me saying no is so small it scarcely excists. But I'd appreciate if you'd do that. (Not that many'd like to have my pics in a tour, but...)