Armand Gerfaut

I have been drawing since being able to differentiate a spoon from a pen, though I might not exclude the spoon hasn't been used too in a staining intention. I tried both to capture what looked good around me, though sometimes distorted (how many arms does a sun have ?), and to add what I felt was missing : lizards with shells, fairy tale and legend characters, exotic and past-time garments. I became a RPG gamemaster years ago and spent time creating my own world, Alma. This process is unfinished, as this word is rich enough to bud new places and peoples, and as any roughly described place can be enriched. I illustrated some characters and creatures but lots await their turn. By the way, should anybody be interested in illustrating it with me, he'll be welcome ! When I'm not drawing, I read about psychology, philosophy, anthropology, art, or to summarize : whatever can help me building my mind or whatever is picturesque, tasty enough to be added to a game and spoken about. ABOUT COMMENTS : I am trying to improve my drawing skills and for that I’m very interested in your comments, knowing what you like and dislike and what impact a picture had on you. I can of course offer you the same should you be interested. Thank you in advance for your help !