Gretchen Sielaff

 What to say? Well for starters, my name is Gretchen Sielaff. Yet, most people just call me Gret. I am a twentysomthing old college gal who tends to dabble a bit in the world of art. My inspirations are as various as my taste in music. However, the most influential would be various comic books, novels, movies, and at last, my own imagination. Both my Elfwood and Deviantart galleries are dedicated to my mother Carol. She never stopped encouraging me. Her hospital room was my first gallery showing. Most of my work is based on a story I have been working on for years, but haven`t gotten off my butt to write.  Art for me is a stress relief right now.  So if any-buddy has a suggestion on something to draw, feel free to express it.   I like Various! Favourite books The Dresden Files, Vampire Earth Series, and Noble Dead series.