emma griffin

just a girl with a real passion for art in any shape or form, is happiest with a pencil in her hand or covered in paint. I like loves films, reading, mainly Fantasy and Horror, drawing, painting, making weired creatures out of fabric and socks, origami, walking in the countryside and day dreaming. Favourite movies love heros, lost, fringe and supernatural, also farscape. Films I love tho the list is endless, so just a few here, Blade runner, Underworld, neverending story, labrynth, golden compass, stardust, time bandits, Lord of the rings, dark cyrstal......ill stop now Favourite books love Harry potter and adore Terry prachet books, and James herbert books Fluke, The magic cottage, the others. Also love stephen kings IT scares me to death but love the whole alien spider, killer clown thing and weave world, to name but a few. Favourite music Paul simon, Linken park, Evenescence, Jack johnson, Nick drake, The Hoosiers, Cold play, Sting, Newton Faulkner, U2, Pink, Usher, ect ect ect I have a very varied taste depending on my mood.