Christine Griffin

  I am a mother, working housewife, and painting graduate with little time and fewer outlets for my art, so the computer is becoming a good friend these days. I adore all things dark and devious, but high fantasy is my hubby's fave, so I dabble there too. Enjoy the pics, and drop this humble artist a line! 'Nuff said...peace....UPDATE:  Okay, not 'nuff said.  Man, I haven't updated this page in AAAAGES.  But it's kinda fun to look back on some of my ancient stuff.  Long beforeI understood digital, or how to scan a decent pic.  Some of the art is nearlyten years old!  How far I've far.....and how farI've yet to go.  What a strange journey.  P.S.  If you need me for something, drop me an email.  I don't get messages forwarded from here, for some reason.  Now I'm REALLY gone!