Bradburian Martian Girl

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Amelia Lakati

This is girl is based loosely on a scene in Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. Astrosanuts from Earth come to Mars and are thrilled to find it populated, but aren't amused when they find that no one seems to believe them when they say they are in fact from Earth. Instead, they are locked away in a mental institution, where their minds are infiltrated by others' madness via telepathy.... Anyway, there's this little girl they talk to, who has a robotic spider toy that acts like a pet (the foreshadowing of today's robot dogs, like Aibo.). That's why this girl has a spider-thing. However, she's a lot older than the girl in the book. The clothing was pretty much left up to imagination. I also tried to give her the traditional Martian traits: warm brown skin (I messed up here, it's supposed to look less charcoaly, more like a deep tan), yellow eyes, and six fingers to a hand (count 'em!). It's been a while since I've read TMC, so I'd forgotten that Martians have russet hair, not blonde...oh well. I love TMC because some of the scenes, especially used in describing small details of Martian life, personal effects, houses, etc., are simply so breathtakingly beautiful....Ylla and Yll, a married couple who now fight, used to 'paint pictures with chemical fire' and 'swim in the canals when the wine trees filled them with green liquors.' They live in a house made of pillars of crystal, that expands and folds in upon itself like a flower to the sun. Ylla has a scarf that she keeps in a crystal vial, that upon being released turns from shapeless mist to a mist scarf. The have to see it for yourself.

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