Sierra aka Raven Scarlett

How I work: I don't take Requests anymore; at least for the time being.Commissions are tentative. I don't plan to make them my profession but email and I'll see what I can do for you. please specify which style you want: Anime, Cartoon (my HP style), Crap-O-Rama, or grotesque. Once in a while I might actually post a pic with a background. However, do not get excited, for this is a rare occurance seeing as I despise drawing backgrounds with a passion and lack in the scenic department. Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead are the current loves of my life. Well... I've had a long-term love for Hamlet, but it still burns. I've also fallen quite hard for Avatar: The Last Airbender... Update: I need to post some crap. I REALLY need to draw some more Sci-fi/Fantasy so I can replace my old anime/manga shee-at. I have about four Raven Scarlett pics... :peruses folder: A half-inked interpretive Ophelia, a half-coloured Shiev, a dorky Mars comic for Cobalt_Violet, a half-inked Naruto commission (oops...^^;), A Sakura pic, a NaruSaku pic, a BL pic... That's it?! What have I been doing?! I have far more to show in the fanart department... such an unproductive year. :attempts to break away from fanart: Noooooo it has a vice-like grip on me!I'll eke out something, especially since G's been at me to draw his necromancer. Update: So, I've become enamoured with anti-plastic women... you know, thunder-thighs, non-blonde, bodacious curves, hairy... REAL women. I may be putting up new art that appeals to a very selective taste; what I post may no longer be your cup of tea and the Ezell pic is only the start. For many a year I have discarded my rather feministic point-of-view, but in the last semester I developed a research paper about feminism and sexism in music and in this research process I unearthed some positively FANTASTIC feminist essays (music centred and general). Well, after rediscovering feminist literature, I have begun to inch back over the line to join my sisters. Expect my future female characters to partially embody my feminist values. Visit my friend Matt's Sci-Fi and Fantasy gallery (with D&D illustrations!):Matt Gonzales