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There's not much to tell you about me. I go through lots of moods and phases, and I write best after nine at night (preferably after 10), which means I get very little writing done during the school year. Such is life, ne? I'm a technical theatre (better known as crew) nerd, and I do that...a lot. As a side note for Shaysiris fans: In the event you figure out who Vistalt is, please DO NOT POST COMMENTS WITH YOUR SUSPICIONS IN THEM!!! I will edit out any portions of comments that refer to this, simply because it's not fair to the people who HAVEN'T figured it out. If you want verification of your theories, please feel free to e-mail me ^^ IT"S UP!!!! We have a Shaysiris Mailing List. The e-mail addy (which couldn't POSSIBLY be easier to remember) is shaysiris@gmail.com. Please direct any questions, comments, or requests to join the mailing list there. What's the benefit? I'll keep you updated to any progress I make on the story. This DOES NOT mean I'll be sending you pieces of part 2, but it does mean I can tell you what's up with the story. It will also (hopefully) speed up the process of me getting e-mails back out to you once you've e-mailed me. Regardless of whether you've e-mailed me at my personal address, if you want to be on the mailing list, you MUST send me an e-mail at shaysiris@gmail.com in order to be on it. Please make Shaysiris-"insert purpose of e-mail here" your subject line so i can weed out junk mail ^^ Purposes can include asking to be on the mailing list, requests for the missing pieces of chapter 19 or 20, or general comments or questions. Thanks!8/9/12 - So, I have been away from the Woods FOREVER. I have graduated college, gotten a "real" job, and found that free time continues to be a commodity in short supply.  Anyways, I recently was informed that Shaysiris was stolen by someone else and posted to their blog in May.  I have taken action to get the posts removed, as they are blatant copyright infringements, but please, please, PLEASE notify me if you find any others like this.  It is incredibly important to protect my work, and if people begin infringing it, I will have to take it down :(Also, quick note to the Mods: Thanks so much for the Mod's Choice on "Black Moon Frost". You guys rock! I like writing, drawing, reading, biking, hiking Favourite movies Battlestar Galactica, LotR, Knight's Tale, Firefly, Serenity Favourite books The Death of the Necromancer, The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of the Gods, Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Crown Duel, Court Duel, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, Anubis Gates, City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Terrier, Bloodhound, Mastiff.

The Seven 6

Who wants a character list? It's 114 names, but probably only about...75 are in the story right now. If I get enough people asking for it, I'll pop it up on my website somewhere, with a complimentary link. Anywho, this is just more travelling fun and whatnot. Some interesting stuff, but most of it's just giving me something to do next chapter. Lots of building in this chapter, not a whole lot of intense stuff, but you do get the chance to meet Epperron and Sur'da'dun. Aracil and Palua are coming...soon, I hope, and Hasharia...well, that you have to wait for until book (yes, BOOK) 5. Wish me luck! Uploaded: 12/11/05


A mercenary-assassin who hates magic has been called back to his childhood home (which is a completely pacifistic society in a war-torn world) to complete a task for the monks who raised him, which involves penetrating a sorcerer's lair to rescue the most magical being in the monk order. Sounds like fun, ne? Uploaded on: 5/3/08

Shaysiris 14

MATURE CONTENT!!!! Ok, now that that's just about as clear as it gets...Look, more people history! And then an utterly loathesome dinner, followed by a very...interesting evening. Uploaded: 11/26/05

The Seven 3

Alright, guys, it's finally here! All bright and shiny and new. I finally did a map for it. Anyways, I came off a 3 month dry-spell a couple weeks ago, and this was written in about 5 nights. It's about 7-8 hours of actual typing, and probably about 2 more of thinking while I couldn't sleep at night/was bored in class. Sooooo, see the other 2 for more info, and I hope you like it!v (Woot! They all have teachers! And...all but one have familiars! And...most of them are going where they're going to train! I feel special!!!) Update, 12/28/03: Yea, it's not quite so brand spanking new anymore, but it's all shiny and edited and such!

Poisoned Ones

Hmm....once again, Adema was in my CD player and I was....in a cranky mood, shall we say. This one's a tad odd. I'm not quite sure where it came from. CONTENT WARNING: This IS somewhat violent

The Seven 5

Wow...not one, but TWO new sections of the Seven? It must be Christmas... (ok, so it's 3 days later, so what?) This is the next day, and it's all fun and special and such. You lucky ppl you, you finally get the watered-down version of the history of the Seven. I've been trying really, really, REALLY hard to make the MC's 10-year-old-ish (don't laugh, i've never had an MC under 16 before >.<) Tell me if I'm succeeding, please. Uploaded on 12/28/03.

The Seven 4

Alright, fans, it's finally here. The 4th installment of the Seven (*cough*characterguzzlingblackholeofcreativity*hack*). So it's been sitting on my computer for months while me, the lazy one, sort of edited it, and procrastinated putting it up...that's beside the point! Here you finally meet a couple of the cities of magic (yes, i say meet...the darn things are problematic enough to be people >.<) and the forests of trees with invisible trunks! It's a week after the last one, btw, and yes, they will just keep getting longer and longer. Also, before I wrote this, I started to plan out the training of the mages. Ya know, what spells they would learn, who they would meet. I've only got Krisa and Rhispla's 1st year planned out all the way through. For everyone else, I've just got a skeleton frame of people they know. And so far, I have an alphabetized and color-coded list of characters that encompasses something like 107 names. Now you know where it got it's affectionite nickname *points upwards* ^^ This was put up on 12/28/03.

Shaysiris 4

Nothing new. Again. This was Shaysiris 5 and pieces of Shaysiris 6a, but now has been re-grouped. Edited for typos/continuity/grammar. Uploaded: 10/8/05

Shaysiris 12

No mature content in this one, yay! Anywho, history lessons over breakfast, baffling but gorgeous foreign men, and really annoying Shesnan authorities await you, so go read! Uploaded: 11/26/05

Shaysiris 19

Oh my. Here it is, friends, the chapter you've all been waiting for. lol. Anywho, a girl's night with Matia turns into something quite a bit more interesting, and then Siris spends the day with some of her favorite other courtiers ^^ Have fun! Uploaded:6/9/06


Wow, creative title....anywho, this is about a vampire. Because I like to be morbid...er....something. This is the beginning of the story. It needs some cleaning up, but....you know, life doesn't always allow for it. There's a doodle of my darling main character in my loth gallery, just in case you wanted to see what crap I do when I'm bored and happen to have a mech. pencil and a sketch diary. People just happened to want to read the story, for some reason or another. So, here it is.... Uploaded originally: who knows? Updated: 7/31/04 --> It's been cleaned up slightly (i think >.>;) and there's more here!

Shaysiris 8

Also new material ^^ So, right off the bat, we're gonna get this out of the way: The content of this story is SOMEWHAT MATURE and won't be getting any less-so. You have been warned. Now that we've taken care of that, there's all sorts of fun stuff in this update. She finally explains the mysterious 'exploits' she's been hinting at forever, and settles a few of her doubts about Vistalt and his faithfulness and such. Yum ^^ Uploaded: 10/19/05

Asherohn 3

Wow, okies, I had FUN dong this part. Before I could do the last little teachign session, I had to plan out each character's story. So, somewhere in my little planning nonsense, I have each member of Hades' Circle's lineage traced back to the last important figure int heir bloodline. For some, that's 1 generation, and for others, it's 9. Just be glad i didn't include all that! Try to remember the names of the Furies and the line leaders (tho you can just remember that Craige's leader is Hades...no one really cares about his name), and try to keep track of the real names as well as the titles of Hades' Circle. The rest of the people don't really matter. Uploaded: 7/29/04

Shaysiris 16

Oh, look, a fun Masque ^^ And of course, the associated drama that is seemingly inherent in all major social functions in Shesnat, lol. And then, of course, heaven forbid life should return to normal...Anywho, yup, go read ^^ Uploaded: 12/11/05

Shaysiris 13

Return of the mature content, friends. If you haven't figured this out, this IS a love story. Some mature content comes with the turf. So, yea, the conclusion of the happy-law-visiting day, and then a bit more besides, including some interesting insights into Vistalt's past and something of a revelation about another character... Go read! Uploaded: 11/26/05

Shaysiris 18

Breakfast with the king, storytime, and a lovely, luxurious dinner all await you ^^ Enjoy! Uploaded: 6/9/06

Shaysiris 11

Ok, first things first: Slightly mature content warning! And then there's happy foreign people, and much funness associated with that ^^ K, it's after midnight, so that's all i have to say, lol. Uploaded: 11/26/05 Update: I want to give a big thanks to the Mods for the Mod's Choice!! You can't even fathom how wonderful that makes me feel ^^

The Seven

Let's see. Seven mages. They're all ten. And this happens to be part of one day in their lives. The same day. This is quite a long quote, guys. Sorry about that. Ok, guys, this story actually has an illustration to go with it. But me, being completely HTML illiterate, couldn't figure out how to embed the file in the story (even after checking the FAQ's and asking around) So I just put it in a gallery Update, 12/28/03: I did a whole lotta editing, and changed a few things, and ya know, the general spiel...

Shaysiris 7

Look, more new stuff! And...Vistalt just keeps getting odder ^^ Because I like him that way, lol. And, naturally, I HAD to invent a card game. It's sorta a cross between go fish/sheepshead/poker played with a tarot deck. Doesn't that sound like fun? Anyone who's interested in drawing the deck, let me know, I have a lot of info on it. Plus it saves me the trouble, lol. Uploaded: 10/19/05

Shaysiris 17

Mmmmm...awkwardness......XDDD Anywho, mild adult content, but for once, it's not cuz Siris and Vistalt are feeling frisky...shocking. Anywho, reading time! Uploaded: 12/11/05 Updated:6/9/06

Black Moon Frost

This was a short story I wrote (while at work, while I was supposed to be writing a report for work....oopsies) about a family who has made a deal for power, and how it works out. I like it a lot ^^ Uploaded on: 5/3/08

Shaysiris 10

So, yea, sad, Vistalt's gone...This, of course means, the mature content of the story is basically non-existent until he comes back...if he ever does...Anywho, there's more fun-ness upcoming anyways. As always, there's much fun with Kiefyn and his pompousness, and Matia and Dunrad finally stop being quite so perfect. Uploaded: 10/19/05

Asherohn 2

Alright, take 2, this time censored correctly! Go me! Anyways, yes, more of the moody vampire and his poor little fledgling that really doesn't want to be a vampire. It's been hard deviding this one up because the days are too short to make into their own pieces, but I don't want to make it too long. Bear with me, I'm trying to find a happy medium. Uploaded: 8/29/04

Shaysiris 15

So, actually, no real mature content warning on this one...Anywho, yes, she gets to spend some time with Kiefyn, but it turns out to be OK, and then of course there's dinner and dancing and...well, you'll see ^^ Uploaded: 11/26/05

Shaysiris 5

So this covers the remainder of what used to be here (Part of Shaysiris 6a and b). Not new, just edited for typos/continuity/grammar. Enjoy! Uploaded: 10/8/05

The Seven 2

This is the same day as the first quote. This is just the rest of it. This one is even longer than the last one! All of them (except Krisa) gets their teachers, and most of them find their familiars. This one goes with the same illustration as #1, so check there for info on it. Just a PS kinda thing. I want to give a BIG thatks to Vicious from #Loth, who helped me with some names. I was coming up dry on what to name a few characters, and he rescued me. Thanks, Vic! Update, 12/28/03: yea, ummm....once again, the editing thing....happened. It's completely not my fault....*cough* enjoy!

Shaysiris 3

So, this used to be Shaysiris 4, changed slightly due to the new clumping of updates. Still nothing new about this, just typo/grammar/continuity editing. Uploaded: 10/8/05

Shaysiris 9

Yay for new material! Anywho, not much in the way of mature content in this one, but just reminding you that the story will have mature content. So I torture Siris with some quality time with mom and dad, and then Vistalt makes it all better, and then something happens to him and Kiefyn decides to be very, very stupid ^^ Yay! Have fun ^^ Uploaded: 10/19/05

Shaysiris 6

THIS IS NEW MATERIAL! Soooo, yea ^^ Good riddance, eh? Just wait, it gets better from here XD You thought you were rid of the evil vindictive character plotting against her...Anywho, we're moving forward! Sorry for any weirdish cuts in the story, but I'm trying to get as much writing into each file as is possible. That means I may have to cut in the middle of a scene. They're all logical cuts, they're just...in the middle of a scene. Yea, good stuff! Uploaded:10/19/05

Shaysiris 20

This is it, friends. The end of Part 1. Some mature content here, but the worst stuff is all properly edited out. Make sure you read my little notes in italics, and enjoy as our dear goes to lunch with the Mirstatians and sends her dear Vistalt out to the wilds, only to have him return and turn her life upside-down ^^ Uploaded: 6/9/06

Shaysiris 2

So, we rejoin our courtier lovelies in their struggle to figure out Vistalt ^^ Anywho, once again, lumped some updates together to save space. This is what used to be the rest of Shaysiris 2 and all of 3 with a few minor grammer/continuity/typo corrections. Enjoy! Uploaded: 10/8/05


Aaaand...still no working title. However, this is the first installment of this story, and since it's getting very, very long, I've gone back and lumped together a few entries. Thus, this is what used to be Shaysiris 1 and part of 2. Nothing really new about this one, just a few edits here and there for grammar and typos. Neato! For those of you new to the story, it's about a young woman in a country called Shesnat (map IS coming, i SWEAR). She's a courtier and is very upset about that. And then that all changes and a newcomer to the country gives her something new to be upset about ^^ Uploaded: 10/8/05