Cullen Groves

I am inspired by grand visions of the human race spread across the galaxy, rubbing elbows with alien species, or still just trying to get by alone. Most importantly, I am interested in exploring the nature of humankind; are we a blight upon existance, or a glorious power manifestly destined to stretch ourselves across the universe? Let's see if I can actually manage something like that. . . . Heh. Well, I also enjoy fantasy and the like, particularly Lord of the Rings type stuff. So, that's something of what I intend to write.Okay, so I was inspired more by the sci-fi side of my interests at the time I wrote that. I would like very much to write epic space operas and hard sci-fi... but fantasy is so much easier to write, so write it I do. In the regards of fantasy, I'm more inspired by traditional folklore in a lot of instances, (as well as, of course, LoTR) like what is highlighted in the "Enchanted World" series of books--anyone else familiar? They're amazing works, detailing the legends across worlds and ages; every book entails its own theme, such as Dragons, or Water Spirits, or Night Creatures, and tie together all the old myths dealing with that particular theme from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (there's not so much from Africa or the Americas or Australia, now that I consider it... And it's funny how all the continents start with A except Europe... Antarctica, Aisa, Africa, Australia, America ...). Anyway, they're very inspiring, and I prefer traditional folklore to much of the stuff that the market pumps out anymore, in the veins of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. That stuff is all too synthetic (though I admit, I do enjoy a bit of Dragonlance now and then, as well as Baldur's Gate). Hopefully, what I crank out using the older roots of all fantasy won't seem quite so much.

The Embrace

Two lovers wish they could be together forever. But, everyone knows, be careful what you wish for . . . This is an odd story. I got the idea when hugging someone. I don't believe it's a new idea, by any means, but I figured I could write it interestingly, and I did (I hope).

Faerie's Curse

The human search for a new home leaves the lives of the volunteer cosmonauts, the Companions, shredded on their return to a much different Earth.

Who Remembers Persephone? (Part Two)

The second half of the story of Josif and Danel and their team of icewalkers... Though they've reached the base of the mountains, they must now surmount that challenge, and others moreover.

The Sanguine Pig (Part One)

This story is a foray into vampire fiction--I'm tired of the lack of original vampires. Everyone just assumes that vampires are Dracula-esque, or whatever, and that's the end of it. So here's my story about a non-traditional vampire.

Catch of the Day (Part 2)

James, suffering from the mermaid's curse, must concoct a plan to face the sea-nymph and wrest a counter-curse from her directly.

Catch of the Day (Part 3)

James descends to the bottom of the ocean and through the merwoman's trench to her underwater kingdom. Involves a Beowulf inspired battle beneath the sea (very loosely inspired!).

Give Me Wings, That I Might Soar (Part One)

I was thinking about World War One aces--imitating Snoopy, one might say--and suddenly I was struck by this idea. A German sorcerer was recruited by the Central Powers in an attempt to break the stalemate in the trenches, and only a wizard can oppose him, enlisting the aid of a British pilot to seek the sorcerer.


What can we do when faced with the inevitability of the end? Rise up and fall with pride, or lay down and pass away gracefully; those of this blurb tried to resist. Used a quote from Dylan Thomas, that cool poet dude.

Catch of the Day (Part 1)

The longest story I've completed yet... Deals with the adventure of one James Fisher, who one day discovers a mermaid stranded in a tidal pool. She attempts to ensorcel him, as mermaids are wont to do...

The Lay of Sir Berkley of Fairdale (Part One)

Well, I decided I wanted to write a medieval romance, with all the Arthurian chivalric stuff--but with a twist! So here it is, in two parts. This part is the breaking into the evil magic-user's tower.

New Beginning

John Mulberry finds a strange visitor on his doorstep, who provides a peculiar revelation. I wrote this in response to the request of him who read my stories thusfar; so here is the origin of that avatar who made an appearance in 'A Brush with Death.'


An exploration of prescience.


Olson Faraday gets more than he bargained for when shopping for an android at Uncle Tom's Artificial Servant Warehouse.

The Lay of Sir Berkley of Fairdale (Part Two)

And, part two of the Lay of Sir Berkley. This is achieving the object of the quest and returning to the courts of the High King.

Who Remembers Persephone? (Part One)

A team of archeologists and icewalkers must journey across the frigid wastes beyond the Thawed Sea, seeking the Origins of civilization in a march of distant mountains. Along the way, they must face the perils of extreme cold, and each other in religious debates considering the origins of Man. By the by, this story is set on Skadia, a world so cold that humankind can only exist on the equator, in a region rich with hotsprings and volcanic activity.

A Brush With Fate

A girl's unlikely meeting of her fate walking home on a country road.

The Sanguine Pig (Part Two)

Continuation of Ulf's story--he swears vengeance against the boar knight and sets out to find the fellow.


As always, Earth is grey and dying, and an ark must be sent forth to seed new worlds. This be a sonnet I had to write for English, and I like it, so here it is. I'm not sure the title is exactly appropriate, but I couldn't come up with anything better on short notice.

The Cup of Vengeance

How does one assassinate the Prince-Elector without being caught? How does one outmaneuver the court necromancer's auguries? Once upon a time four years ago I was assigned to write a vengeance story where I had to avenge some slight to my honor, letting the trespasser know who was avenging, but not allowing anyone else to realize... Here it is, significantly revised (there was no magic in the original...).


William Eckhart IV accompanies Catherine on her attempt to avoid capture by the forces of the dread necromancer Blackwulf. She's stolen her photograph-imprisoned soul back from him to secret it away, but is discovered running and hunted. William stands in her defense with his trusty flintlock pistol and finds he's not so great at the hero business after all. (This is the original version of the story; I'm currently rewriting it, a lengthy process. Hopefully I can share that piece when it's finished.)

The King of Hearts

This isn't really a story--it's the background for my modern vampire character. He's a bit mad, but in the quiet dangerous way--hopefully. I'm afraid I'm no good at playing madness. Anyway, this is also my surrender (temporarily) to the modern conception of vampires--that they're born of other vampires instead of a curse, that they're organized, that they have strange powers, etc.

Give Me Wings, That I Might Soar (Part Two)

The second part of the exciting story of World War One ace Edward Drake and the eccentric wizard Geoffrey Scott. Read on and discover their fates.

Mars Vigila

This is my homage to the X-Com franchise (and indeed, all Martians-invading-Earth stories). The title means 'Mars, awaken' in Latin. This is how I envisioned our encounter with xenophobic monsters from Mars. Entrenched in Cydonia (as all good Martians), the enemy sends forth its inexorable armies of clones to sweep the Earth; though we won at first, simple attrition is winning out for the Martians--thus, Earth resorts to one final gamble...

The Sanguine Pig (Part Three)

The final installment of The Sanguine Pig.

The Road to Eternity

My response to Dante Allighieri, born of two purposes (an English assignment to parody Dante's Inferno, and my own desire to sketch out a version of the afterlife based on a road). This is also a tie-in with New Beginning and A Brush With Fate, as it is the afterlife toward which Death is leading all those souls.

To Pierce the Mountain's Heart

I can't say too much... vaguely western, I suppose, the first thing like this I've written at all. Al has a sacreligious pet project with twelve hundred pounds of gelignite, and Sheriff Stone doesn't approve.