Sabine Fischer

I was born in 1983. I almost never have the patience to draw backgrounds. I'm a reasonable person, but weird.. Hopefully in a good way. I'm not quite as pretty as I look in my self-portrait.. at least not on photos.. photos make me twitch and grin stupidly in exactly the moment where the photo is taken, so I always look shitty. I never spent enough time drawing to get really good, but I enjoy doing it anyways. My main problem is, as you might see, anatomy. I don't like to use references, so I usually just sit around watching people and stuffs and try to reproduce these things later. Mostly, I use the Gimp. Visit Stacey Herrick for some real art, or check out Deike Pintat, she has wonderful ideas for pictures. Note: I am a commenty person, if you comment on my stuff I go comment at your gallery. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Dec 12th, 2004. It was time to delete some of the most shittiest stuff. No need to have that stuff sit around here when I don't even care about it anymore. :)