Gwen Phifer

(11/10) Wow. So this was like opening a time capsule. A lot of old work. A lot of old memories. It's been over a year and it's amazing to see how far I've come. I thought about totally revamping but decided against it. Here is my old work and it's good and humbling to see where I started from. So my new work will be added and go to my site to see more recent things.As for who I am: I'm a graduate of SCAD with a BA in Illustration. I got married and have a puppy. I freelance and teach horseback riding. I've been on Elfwood for... wow... a long time, maybe I started when I turned 13?... I'm still a dork so it doesn't matter- nothing's really changed there. ^.^ Other inspirations are: Brian Froud (who doesn't love him!?), Alan Lee (yes- I have 'Faeries'), Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, OLD Disney (because old school was cool!), 1900's women illustrators (because they were amazing), any of the Brandywine School artists (Pyle, the Wyeths), and some current artists like Joshua Middleton, James Jean, Shelly Wan, Kelly Hamilton, Stephanie Lostimolo, and an Elfwood favorite, Ursula Vernon. To see more updated stuff check out my blog and my personal website:http://www.gwenphifer.com I like I love fairy tales, so most of my newer stuff leans towards that. Wait... all of it does... mostly. Well, anyway. I also horseback ride, read too much, watch a lot of movies, and play with my new puppy Ginger! Favourite movies Serenity, Firefly, Dune, The Last Unicorn, Dr. Horrible, The Princess Bride, Howl's Moving Castle, The Dark Crystal, Nausicaa, Riddick Trilogy, Disney, Titan AE, and The 10th Kingdom Favourite books anything by Robin McKinley or Patricia Wrede