Andy Guest

They feed me..... raw.... potatoes!..... I am.... a human.... bean! Have a look at these creatures pages as well or feel the full fury of my cattle prod: Rebecca-Lee Hickman - Has minty fresh breath. J.Anette Jallow - Crazed bunny obsessed Norwegian bird bent on world domination. Emma Shave - Loves getting the cattle prod's 40,000 volts. Lloyd Zacarias - Looks like a Demon off Buffy. His wife's a lucky lady! Sarah Billson - Likes to eat living human flesh with a bit of brown sauce.Nat Harrison - Stick a pitchfork in her guts and watch her chuckle. Jenny Russo - Criticise her, she love it... and will hurt you if you don't... Rhiannon Piper - Holds the World Record for eating turnips. Melanie Wood Uses vindaloo sauce as perfume.Sydney Oliver Once ate the arse out of a dead rhinosaurus... she was a bit peckish.