William Steinmayer

Xaipe! (that's Greek for Howdy!) Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the woods; I'm just setting up my own little stable here. As you can see, this gallery will be most likely centaur-heavy; after all, I've been drawing them for over 30 years. I have lately started drawing other mythicals and anthropomorphs, though, just to leaven the mixture..... My interests? (besides fantasy art, I mean): Music (I play several instruments, some of them almost competently); theatre; reading (all sorts); collecting interesting junk.... But you're here for the pictures, anyway....Enjoy, and leave a comment, if you wish (Flamers, trolls, and other frogflushers need not apply). Thank you. 7@=e ********************************** 1/18/10: Selected prints  are now available at deviantArt! Look for  ~LuciusAppaloosius