Gus Kosmopoulos

Hey, what's up guys? What can I say about myself here... I'm 22 years old attending Sheridan College in Oakville. Yes, I'm taking art, naturally, heh. I've been influenced by tons of things over my life but I mostly try to stay in the 'comic' genre. I love comic art and I love drawing it. :) I'm hoping to get my comic (once it's finished.. heh..) on the road at some point, even if online. What else? I used to play in a few bands. I currently play guitar in Meathook.which is like a punk/thrash band. I'm also in the middle of starting one up with some other friends of mine. Three in total, looks like. :P We have mp3's, check them out i fyou're into it. :) I've played with bands such as Boys Night Out, The Fullblast, Alexisonfire, Dayglo Abortions, Rammer, Moneen, The End, Between The Buried And Me, Exhumed, Belvedere, and GFK. Music is a big part of my life now. I really can't see myself not doing music or not playing in a band anymore. I enjoy it too much, it makes me very happy.I love meeting new people, I love meeting the bands and I love partying with the both of them afterwards :) I listen to music -all- the time, if I don't have it on, I've probably gone crazy or something. I'll listen to anything, but these days it's more punk, metal, a little emo, and some hardcore mixed in with jam type bands (I love hippy's). Back to art though. I've been in a rough slump lately, but I've been trying to draw. Nothing is coming out the way I want it, but I'm still gunna work on it. I'm working out a lot of things because I want to improve my drawing capability. I love character design (obviously), and spend most of my time drawing and designing characters when I draw. It's too fun, man. So, when you're finished here, you should check out these people. The list is short.. for now. -= Tara Ryzebol =-= Stacey Kardash =-= Luke McKay =-