April Halcomb

Hi!! everyone! Thanks for droping in! Please feel free to leave a comment. Constructive critism is very  welcome!!:DI have a website! Woot! Come check it out at www.galleryofapril.webs.com! I love fantasy and science fiction. It is my life. I believe that you must love fantasy to be a true fan. I draw, write, and breathe fantasy.  You may not have the talent to do all that stuff unlike others, but if you want tricks and tips most Elfwood members would be happy to give you them. I know I would. I am not the most popular in the class but I don't care. People may not like me but they think my art is unquine and they want to see more of it. My goal is to impress people with my art and stories who normally don't care for fantasy and science fiction, and make them want to came back and see more of my work again. I hope I have inspired you to challenge yourself. Be who you want and bring others along for the journey!Drawing: I draw because I love to. I draw any thing that I like, mostly dragons and elves. I am trying to draw different things to make my drawing better.Inspiration: I find inspiration everywhere. music, t.v.,movies, videogames, other artists, friends & family, nature, my animals, many more, too. Some of my ispirational artists are:Yvelyn Schroeder: cute and funny drawings Meleine Elisse Vargas: great people drawings and coloring                        Christine Mohr 'Krisgoat' : great people photoshop skillsT Mathis: good photoshop skills and ideas M. B. *Karren'Rex* Savchovska: all around great artist with exstrodinary coloring skills *dies at how good she is*My best friend here and most theological person is: *drum roll* Adele Waldrom!!! Go check out her gallery right now!! ****60 comments as of Oct 31 2007!!!!**** that's all. Enjoy!!^_^ Favourite movies Hereos is my fave show there are many other movies though...(I like Gilmore Girls the best, but it's not fantasy) Favourite books SO MANY! >.< Favourite music Taylor Swift and Owl City