My Gaebrael

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Opal Parkison

Four hundred years, said they. Four hundred years to think about my crime. It was as if they thought I hadn't been thinking about it for the past month. I was doomed to a life of guarding them; of guarding the Keys. Life, Death, Wind, Fire and Water, those are their names. They do not make good company. What cosolation can Keys give? There is no prison lonelier than this, confined in the district Nowhere of the place called the Void. I am here because I did something I thought was right. I had not known it was wrong. Not then. Not even now. I killed them, my family. I did it with my brother's knife. But you do not understand! I did what I did for a reason. My own life was in danger. My family...they knew about us. They knew I loved a human, one of the despicable ones...but I knew he was not. He was immortal-not human at all-but still they hated him. I could not explain it- why they hated him and I loved him. There were no words to express my feelings for Gaebrael son of Gilbrael. They killed him becayse of me, my dearest Gaebrael. I am Stalina, Keeper of the Keys. We were due to wed, my Gaebrael and I. But neither of our families much embraced that idea. They had been feuding for ages, and there we were, betrothed. I hate them. I hate all of them for their blindess. Could they not see that we loved each other? But that is why I am here, guarding these accursed Keys, instead of being with my Gaebrael. He will not be there when I return, my dear beloved Gaebrael.

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