William Jordan

[UPDATED -- April 17, 2003 -- Just uploaded a few new pics. Check 'em out. Personal Bio: My name is William H. Jordan, But I am more well-known in fandom circles as 'Logan Darklighter' (it's a long, boring story). I saw Starblazers for the very first time back when it first premiered in 1979. I guess that makes me one of the 'old geezers' of anime fandom. (Argh! I'm only 34, dang it!) My works have appeared in numerous anime fanzines. I've also done spot illustrations for Baycon '88. And also for Project A-Kon program guides and badges back in the early days of that convention. I show my work regularly at A-Kon to this day. I've dabbled a bit with professional illustration work. I did some starship designs for 'Solomani and Aslan', a background sourcebook for GDW's Megatraveller Science Fiction RPG. Recently, I finished several pieces for the Kazei 5 Cyberpunk/Anime sourcebook for Hero Games. My main weakness as an artist is my speed, or lack thereof. I note with not a little self-deprecation that I am a fast inker of other people's work, but on my own stuff I'm too much the perfectionist. I'll keep tightening the pencil lines until there's nothing left to do but go over those self same pencil lines with the ink pen. I do all my inking in the pencil stage! ^_^; Other than anime and art, my passions include role-playing games, (the pencil and paper variety) general science fiction/fantasy, superheroes, reading good fiction (and fan fiction!) and comics and manga of course. A word on commissions -- Sorry, but I don't take them. Not over the net yet, at least. I don't have enough time in my life currently to devote to art like I would need if I start taking on requests for artwork through e-mail. I _have_ done it in the past. And I won't say I won't _ever_ do it. But I shouldn't be making promises I can't keep, okay? I already have commitments on my limited schedule that I have to keep. And with the difficulties mentioned above. I'm barely going to be able to step up to the plate to get those done in time. Let alone anything else. But like the saying goes, 'Never say Never.' Things may change. Watch this space!