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I studied Geisha last year for an art project of mine and Kuri is the result of my delving back into it. She's a more twisted version of Maiko (young followers of Geisha) with a more personal twist. Kuri gets her name from a type of japanese theatre puppet, the KaraKuri-Ningyo and as with nearly all of my pics she has a story. Kuri's a kind of living doll, controlled by a dead spirit resurrected at the time of Imprerial Japan...a kind of twist on the term 'hungry ghost' too I suppose. I don't have anything on her yet in Wyvern's but rest assured once I'm through researching this, you're sure to see her again... (oh and take no notice of her nose...she was a failed attempt at a felidae and the elf ears...just seemed to fit somehow!)

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Omega Chapter One

Few I'm shattered. Um these are the first chapter and first part of chapter two of omega, a story about witchcraft, posession, ghosts and half-human, half felne/canine felidae creatures. There is the unfortunate heron chaz cast out from a town where the resistance is based. A group against the empire of their world and Chaz was kicked out because his brother entered the army and they found out and thought he was a spy. Chaz comes to the city of dreams to join the resistance there but finds nothing but slums, murder and above all adventure. Sophie is a gang member captured for her own protection by the resistance as she is accused of heracy and people are out for her blood. There have been many cases such as hers and she is victimised because of her mixed race origins. The difference this time is that sophie is a witch and is bitter and merciless towards outsiders. How their paths cross is slowly unveiled. You have to keep reading to find out how. Enjoy!

Just Children....

The first ever poem thats actually workied! An ill fated Vampire comes face to face with the love of his life. Quite a long poem with admittadly a lot of work to be done but hey this is my first proper poem so be easy on me lol! oh and watch out for the twist in the end....

Omega Chapter Two: The Underground

Ya I was looking at the whole explanation thingie I wrote for this one and it's very very out of date. I don't really wanna explain all of this again so just read...and if you don't get it then you should have read the first bloody chapter then shouldn't you lol x

The Sacred Part Two

Yup it's been a long time coming but three versions, two ditched ideas and a mods rejection later and I've finally FINALLY posted the second part of Samurai Gui's tale. I'm rather afraid for this piece actually as it is a lot less action packed than the first piece but it kind of establishes Gui's current role as guardian angel. A great story if you're really angry at the mo. Not so great if you're suicidal at the minute....

The Lost Princess

This one kind of explains itself really! If you've read omega then come on do the math about who Kiah is. This is the story in Kiah's own words of her life in a time when the church was everything to her and betrayed her. The young Kiah has talents much different to Sophie as the Omega spirit both possess reacts differently with how the person feels and Kiah's powers are revealed slowly though not yet. This chapter reveals the trial. Watch out for the next chapter which I promise will be more exciting as this chapter is only an explanation of Kiah's predicament. Illustrations may have to be posted in a gallery or somethin as I can't figure out how to attach them to the stories! Have any ideas ppl??

The Lost Princess Three

This is a slightly watered down version of Chapter three of Kiah's story so yes I am aware of how stilted the end bit is. When you get there you'll see what I mean! Um this is about as dark as its gonna get for a while and yes this bit is relevant and is used to bridge Kiah's travels to the rather vital chapter four (in progress). After Chapter four, which I will post hopefully as soon as I can after this goes through there won't be any more to this for a while cos I have exams etc. I'm sorry for the delay (again) xx

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