HELLO! I'm a resident of the lovely state of Pennsylvania, USA. I'm STILL in retail recovering from burnout from my college days. I love drawing, been doing it ever since I could pick up a pencil. I use it to relax and express myself. Although nowadays I use Photoshop more than I use a pencil. ;) Easier cleanup I guess. I've always loved fantasy and anime. I also enjoy browsing Elfwood when I have some free time on my hands. (Keeps me out of trouble. ;)My favorite artists have to be the old Dutch artists...Rembrandt and the like.  My work on black "canvas" is heavily influenced by their work.  Escher is also among my favorites. I love doing art trades...I have three here already, so if you are interested in trading with me please let me know!!! I'd love to trade with you!!! I enjoy reading comments, I read all of them but I am too lazy to comment on every single one. : But I appreciate all the thoughtful comments I've gotten already and will get. So please leave constructive comments....even if you absolutely LOVE it leave me something that you think will make it better. I enjoy hearing how I can improve. (NOTE: 'CONSTRUCTIVE' is the operative word here. Flamers and jerks will have their comments thrown in the Elfwood Torture Chamber for Twits.) By the way, thanks to everyone who put me on their tours, both here and in my fanart section!  I really appreciate it!!!!! I like sleeping, anime, photoshop, sleeping, dream analysis, manga, faith studies, slacking, and...uh.... sleeping....... Favourite books The "Xanth" series (Piers Anthony), LOTR, Star Trek: TOS and TNG, Star Wars.