Amy Hanna

Hello! I'm a 29-year-old graphic designer. I sometimes like to draw fanart, though most of my work is original or based on books. In high school (way back in the day), I was a huge anime fan. I still enjoy a few series here and there, but I'm not as obsessed as I once was.I'm also a huge Elfquest fan, and Wendy Pini's work had a major influence on my art style while growing up.The Personal Gallery link will take you to my DeviantArt page, which includes some of my non-fantasy and non-fanart work.

A Light in the Shadows

Another story I wrote about a character of mine, Shadow. *Music that added to this piece: Smashing Pumpkins' 'The End is the Beginning is the End' and 'The Beginning is the End is the Beginning' from the Batman and Robin Soundtrack*

Secret Angel

This one will be rather long, probably a novel by the time I get done. (I'm not joking either). Which is odd, especially since most of my stories are rather short. This one is based on a dream I had, actually. It's also a rather strange story... Well, enjoy! *Music I listened to while writing this: Depeche Mode's 'Violator' album*

I Want to Live a Fairy Tale

A short poem about the things every little girl dreams of.

SS book 4: The Hunted

The 4th installment in Sandra's Saga. Danielle is a real person, my best friend, but I'm using her as a character with her permission. So any resemblance to an real people, living or dead, is probably true. Just kidding....

Secret Angel: Part Two

A continuation of Part One. Things are just getting weirder...

Linette's Story pts 4 & 5

The second installment in Linette's Story. Make sure you read parts 1-3 first. ^_~

Names Mean Much

A story I wrote about a shapeshifter. There will be more about Teiza, believe me... *Music that added to this piece: Tori Amos's 'Little Earthquakes' album*

Rising Dawn?

Written all in one night in a period of about two hours. It's short, and poignant. It was written during one of my moody periods. ^_~ *Music that added to this piece: Garbage's 'You Look so Fine' from the 'Version 2.0' album, and 'Clubbed to Death' by Rob D, from the soundtrack to 'The Matrix'. (Actually, it's a really beautiful symphonic song, with an odd title.)*

Child of Darkness pts 1-5

Angels that aren't all good, and Demons that aren't all evil. Where is the line between good and evil, bad and worse? A story in progress that will be updated as I write more. This is a censored version for Elfwood. The uncensored version (mostly just bad language so far) is up on my personal online story library, linked from my bio. is the URL. *Music that I listened to while writing the last two parts: VNV nation, Wolfsheim, The Azoic, Collide* Last updated: 07-17-02

Aisha's Childhood pt 1

In an online RPG I'm in, there is an event called Chibi Week, after the Japanese term that refers to a style of anime in which characters look like children. The goal is to tell a story about your character's childhood. Aisha is my character, a half-demon, half-shapeshifter. Her shapeshifting form is spiders. Basic plot: Her mother gave birth to Aisha to take revenge on the shapeshifters, since a long-time rivalry has existed between demons and 'shifters.

Demon Sea, Angel Sky (poem)

Actually, I had the title of this one long before the poem, which is odd. Usually I title a piece after it is written. Anyway, it is a poem about being stuck between two worlds, between two choices. *Music that contributed to this piece: Sarah McLachlan's 'Surfacing' album*

Engulfed in Shadows

A prequel about Shadow. *Music: Smashing Pumpkins 'Adore' album*

Sandra's Saga Book One

This story began as a simple short story, then grew into a major writing project. This part, Book One, was written as a freshman in high school. It is geared mainly towards young adults, in the style of a favorite author of mine, L.J. Smith. It's mainly about an Egyptian girl named Sandra, who suddenly gets hurled into this secret society of vampires, sort of. Well, it's hard to describe. Just read it, okay! =P Very old, and it needs a lot of work eventually.

Linette's Story 1-3 (Working Title)

This story was up previously as '...petals?...' I've revamped it so much that I submitted it as a new story, instead of replacing the old one. If I ever finish this one, I think it will be my first attempt at publishing one of my works. I'm quite proud of it. This version is censored (mostly for language). It's pretty self-evident where it has been censored though.

SS Book 2- Origins

The second installment of my writing project 'Sandra's Saga'. It's one of those pre-quels. If you haven't read the first Sandra's Saga book, I'd recommend it first, because they kind of have to be read in order make sense! It describes my version of the origin of vampires.

The Shadow, Part One

A more traditional fantasy story. The tale of an elemental and an elf, and a quest. But it is actually a rather strange story, beign based on one of my many odd dreams. *Music I listened to while writing, that add to the 'mood' of the piece: Assorted music from the 'Labyrinth' Soundtrack.*

SS: The Kaiars

A Sandra's Saga story that introduces a new clan of vampires. Rather short, but it does link Sandra's Saga with Teiza's story if you can catch the quick reference.

SS Book 3: Utopia

The third story in the 'Sandra's Saga' series. I recommend reading the other two first, though. This one is a tale about my take on the theory of Atlantis.