Alakaste Zauani

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Hannah-Beth Carter

The final male of the Drow House Zauani of Menzoberranzan, the one unfortunate male soul I hadn't drawn. :3 He's the second son - the pageboy - and would appear to not have taken it too well. He resents his older brother Gelyln for being, er, older than him, and looks down on all his younger siblings as weaker and more pathetic. He wouldn't dare cross first-born female Ardulva'zyne though, but I think that's because she's so calm and apparently peaceful she's probably a raving nutcase, considering the track record of the rest of her siblings... This also looks like an actor, which is scary because I did this at work and have no access to the internet. Not least because my PC is hateful and barely wants to function as a server for the rest of the site half the time. But I don't know which actor it looks like... any help? And I'm impressed at the sheer ... I don't know... bravery of people at work? They know I'm so strange by now that they don't even bat an eyelid at me turning off the lights in my office, brandishing my camera at myself and using the flash to get a highlights reference... I suspect they've just given up on me. Nearly all done in mech pencil, aside from half the shading of the background. My mech pencil doesn't like large areas, so that had to be done in some cheap and hateful HB pencil instead... And not intended to be fully realistic, I like the way this looks better. :3 Even if he does look like he has a broken nose (knowing the character, he probably does...).

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