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I had a pretty weird dream not so long ago, and this is the end result.The dream was about a young wolf-boy travelling from one province to another.  As he was travelling, the Alpha male of another pack dreamed an omen: a boy would appear in their province and depose the Alpha.  Determined not to let this happen, he began to attack and kill any young male that entered his territory.The young wolf-cub entered the province through a tunnel, and was shocked to find himself surrounded by the Alpha and his followers, who promptly set upon him.Before they could kill him, a group of tiny people, no more than a foot in height, appeared and managed to rescue the boy, taking him to their village whilst the Alpha, in a fury, set out to hunt for him.  When I woke, the boy was crammed into a tiny building, huddled up and listening to the baying of the far-off pack.He was supposed to be examining his wounds here, but they didn't look right...  Maybe if I colour it I'll add them in, but that's probably a long way off.  ...More likely to turn it into a story before then.  :3

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