Hannah Fraser

'I've always had flying dreams that I can recall with vivid clarity, exploring different dimensions and landscapes. I often helped friends and family to fly in my dreams by showing them that feeling light and happy allowed their spirit to soar. This is the feeling I wish to convey in my artwork - to inspire everyone to find that freedom.' - Hannah Hannah was born in Surrey, England, in a house that was 500 years old, complete with secret passageways and magical gardens. Her mother would often take her to ancient forests to look for fairies. She began painting and drawing as soon as she could hold a brush at age 1, and it was evident that art was something she loved, spending hours playing with colours, shapes and form. Hannah was exposed to the 1970's cross cultural, creative and spiritual revolution of the era. Hare Krishna festivals, famous musicians, meditation teachers from India, and an alternative environmentally conscious lifestyle made a deep impact on her creative expression. Self taught, using comic books to copy the simplified figure, she would create vivid fantasies of mermaids, princesses, dragons, and countless sketches of fairies, pixies and elf-like creatures! The beautiful rainforests, ocean and unique and colourful characters of the Byron Bay (Australia) area where she lives now provide abundant stimulation for new artworks. Here she is able to integrate the vast array of influences and inspirations from her eclectic background. Woven throughout her work are the influences of Druidic, Celtic, Vedic, Dreamtime, Techno Revolution and Space Age Technology. Hannah designs greeting cards, stickers, iron-on transfers, posters, logos, computer graphics/ enhancement, product package design, murals, tattoo designs, animated character design, illustrated children's story books..and more! She is interested in the melding of technology with nature in a harmonious way, and the depiction of the divine feminine.