Hanna R.

Okay..It's finally time I update this page. I've changed some of the picture discriptions as well because,well..they needed changing ^_^ I was going through a rough time. So I also want to apologize to anyone I was doing an art trade with for not getting back to them with my half. But I'm ready to try again if you want*loves art trades* and I don't mind doing requests either but only if I'm not too busy^_^; Okay..Bio time,I'm just an average 17 year old girl ( born April the 17th 1986) who loves drawing anything and everything, I love challenges and new things to explore, which is probably why I love drawing fantasy art, No Bounderies! great, isnt it?^_^ I'm inspired by lots of things..My friends,life,great art,and whatever comes my way..Books play a major role too, fantasy novels being my favorites of course, right now though I'm addicted to Terry Pratchett, I usually draw just whatever comes to mind and what I manage to finish will end up here=). Thats about enough I think, don't want anyone to fall asleep before checking out the gallery itself. Feel free to leave as many comments as you want! ******* >>1st july, Update- well..okay..i didnt get all the new pictures i wanted uploaded..and i was waiting until i could so for now here are a few that i put up a while ago xD working on getting my fan art gallery up soon too.