Hanna Taylor

I paint because it's fun. I have no intention to be a professional painter but I always want to be better. Mostly I paint all sorts of animals; mostly dragons and a mixture of different species. I usually do a sketch on paper and scan it into the computer. In some cases I keep it as it is, but often I fiddle with it in Paint Shop Pro. Mostly I don't make a background. It often draws to much attention from the objekt. It's also hard to make the objekt blend in with the bakground. I find my inspiration from books, games and animals in the real world. Both cute and 'ugly'. I love to play with people's sense of what is scary and what is nice. But I always want to find something in them that I think is beautiful. I'm not so much in for details, but movement and form is important to me. They must look alive and always ready to move. The animals I draw is a part of some imaginery world, my own or maybe some of the worlds you meet in books, games or pictures. We often forget about these strange and exotic animals that populate this places, just because they don't belong to the story. Anyway, here you can see them.. 070523 Two new pictures! Almost good that you're at home because you're sick sometimes... One of these are acually an invertebrate! I thought I should try and paint them now, after all, I'm working with invertebrates all day. I like Biology (of course): specially birds, insects and dinosaurs; music, movies, books, computer games... All scifi and fantasy! Favourite movies The Alien movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dr Who... Favourite books Fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb J.K. Rowling... Scifi: Peter F. Hamilton, Neal Asher Favourite music Radiohead, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Dimmu Borgir, Gravenhurst, Portishead, kidneythives, Muse, Amon Tobin, Murcof, Carbon Based Lifeforms... And movie and game soundtracks