Stephanie Orc´ Hardegen

Welcome to my revamped Gallery. I plan on uploading newer art over the next few months. I also plan to update and change some older art posted on here.  I am still working with Colored Pencils, and I have pretty much put aside learning to paint on the computer. Its proven to be to time consuming for me, and very troublesome. I have picked up painting with Acrylics and I was shocked to see it was almost as natural as useing a regular pencile. So far though, I have only painted realistic animals and nothing I can realy get accepted onto here. But I will in time! Im looking forward to updating my gallery with new paintings and scetches and removing some of the old drawings from my highschool days. Once my scanner is up and working I will be uploading new art that will be wanting your thoughts, friendly critism, tips and suggestions. Or just worshiping. "Hehe" ^^