Sarah Hartman

My name is Sarah (im 14) and i hope that soon my gallery will be up and running. i am still just learning to color pencil from my uncle ross and various other sources. i think i have improved alot over the years. i was always very enthusiastic about getting into a computer art gallery of some sort and since age 10 when i learned from other artists that art on the internet is not clip art nor is it for copying out of like a coloring book OR altering it so that it looks like a character of mine. thanks to other artists around me at age ten i learned that it is important for me to flesh out my own ideas and my own origional work. after landing at my new anthromorphic style at age 14 i desided that it was now time to open a gallery. i am ready to accept tips from other artists and i hope that someday i can be as good as my fav artist Christy Grandjean(goldenwolf) whose lovely anthromorphic wildlife art inspires me the most i love to draw and my style changes often (im still trying to find a good one)! i hope i can be an animator, graphic artist or art teacher when im older! My newest character is a white gryphon from the arctic peaks called Narcissa. As one of the last remaining gryphons on Earth, Narcissa has a white wolf form (a bit of a disgise if you will...) Rumor has it that during the winter months a snow white gryphon runs 'round with the native wolf packs of the alaskan tundra ^.~